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What type of Computer or software do I need?

Any operating system - Windows, Mac, Linux
A modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 9 or 10
An internet connection. Mechanic Business Pro uses minimal graphics so that even slow dial-up connections are acceptable.
A printer - to print reports, Estimates, and Invoices (Black & White is OK)
An email account to send Estimates/Invoices to customers as well as support questions to Mechanic Business Pro.

Will I lose data if my computer crashes.

No! Our servers store all your records and back it up nightly. You may lose some data if you are in the middle of entering information when power goes out, but if it has been saved then you are safe.

What about my data if I want to leave Mechanic Business Pro and use another program?

Your data always belongs to you. Even after you leave Mechanic Business Pro you can download a file containing all your records.

Can I import records from other software?

Most likely yes. If it has an "Export" feature then send us the exported file and we will do our best to import it.

Does Mechanic Business Pro do payroll?

No. Since it is designed for small independent shops with minimal employees the need is not as great as in a large enterprise software. To keep costs down it was decided to not deal with the all the possible payroll scenarios over multiple countries, states and provinces.

Does Mechanic Business Pro do Inventory?

This is planned for a future release.

What if I don't want to use a particular feature of Mechanic Business Pro?

Mechanic Business Pro has been designed to be as flexible as possible. You can use or choose to ignore any portion of the software that you want. If fact, even within modules such as invoices, many fields are optional and can simply be left blank. Just use the ones that make sense to you.